This is a simple “About” page written with vim and Tilix terminal (nobody cares !).

Each sentence on this page is a pure invention and the result of a non-reflexion used to write some markdown.

  • Few things about me : I am a network and system administrator mainly interested by free and open source softwares. I also like to build networks and troubleshoot complex IT problems / incidents.

  • Here are some words matching the tools I daily use :

    • Debian, Ubuntu, centos (sometimes, when I get depressed)
    • pfsense, iptables, firewalld
    • Vim, tilix, openssh-client
  • And here some softwares I used (now and in the past):

    • python and shell scripting for multiple purposes (from a fucking countdown until the 1st of May 2022 to a piece of script able to draw a SIP and RTP session using mermaid)
    • ansible and packer for template automation and deployements, on my pc using virtualbox and against a vmware farm
    • gitlab-ci and jenkins for job automations
    • […] non exhaustive and has to be complete